Diane Messias
As a professional writer and script editor for the past 30 years, Diane possesses a wealth of experience in all types of drama and creative writing, whilst specialising in comedy.
Whatever your specific needs, her analysis is swift, practical, and based on solutions rather than problems.
She is particularly known for engaging in an individual way with every script, rather than affecting a 'one size fits all' approach. 
Starting out in theatre as a writer, script editor and director, and specialising in comedy, Diane subsequently spent five years as a BBC Comedy Producer & Director before leaving to freelance in assorted capacities - writer/script editor/director/producer/broadcaster/performer - in every conceivable medium. 
Now chiefly working as a writer and script consultant, Diane teaches comedy and satire, playwriting, screenwriting and theatre studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, drama writing at the Drama Studio in West London, screenwriting at the Screen & Film School in Brighton,and is about to tutor MA students in comedy writing  at RADA/Birkbeck. 

Diane is a member of The Writers Guild of Great Britain.